Turanian peoples and mape

WELCOME to the realm of the Turanians. The Turanians are a family of related ethno-linguistic groups: the Hungarians, the peoples of the Caucasus, the Uralic group (Finnic and West Siberian peoples), and the Altaic group (Turkic, Mongolian, Tungus-Manchu, Korean and Japanese peoples). The Turanians are the indigenous inhabitants of vast territories in Eurasia and have a rich and ancient cultural heritage.

In this section of our website, we present cultural, historical, and other background information concerning the Turanian peoples and their lands, focusing on some of the most important issues facing them: the preservation of their cultural identity and natural environment, and their struggle for self-determination.

Throughout history, the Turanian lands have been invaded by foreigners: Semites, Persians, Chinese, Greeks, Romans, Slavs, and Germanic peoples. In many cases, the indigenous Turanian peoples have been and are still subjected to genocide, colonization, deportation, or assimilation. Foreign rule has not only caused great losses in demographic and cultural terms, but also economically and environmentally as severe damages have been inflicted by the exploitation and pollution of the Turanian lands by states such as Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) and China. Faced with all these hardships, the Turanian peoples are struggling to preserve their distinct cultural identity and to reassert their rights.

Among the main challenges facing the Turanian nations today are the severe environmental, political, economic, ethnic, demographic, social, and cultural problems created by the communist regimes of the former Soviet Bloc and China. In many cases, the communist elites of the former Soviet Bloc have managed to remain in control of the state apparatus with the help of the financial resources illegally gained from the privatization of the state assets. These corrupt "post-communist" regimes in east-central Europe and the former Soviet Union, as well as the remaining communist regimes in Asia, are an obstacle to democracy, and to the political, economic and cultural self-determination of the peoples of the region.

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